Saturday, February 2, 2008

Basic Literacy Support 2: Some great resources

My colleague Brian Cambourne from the University of Wollongong has reminded me that the National Council for Teachers of English (an international organisation for teachers based in the USA) has some great resources for teachers and parents. I have placed a link on the sidebar for the parent section of the organisation (there are plenty of resources for teacher too which I'll highlight in a future post), but I thought I would highlight some of the following useful links for parents and teachers:

Another brilliant resource is the Read.Write.Think section of the NCTE site. While those of us in the southern hemisphere (the top of the world!) will find that some of the ideas have a north American flavour, there are some great suggestions for holiday, weekend or after school activities. It's a shame I didn't post this before the Australian Summer vacation ended. This very helpfully provides ideas by grade and age group. Given the variations in the use of grade names and the different starting ages for children (see my last post), I'd suggest you choose the right section by age, not grades.

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