Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Week 2008 (16-22 August)

Children's book week is next week (from 16 to 22 August). Schools and public libraries will be the major sites for activities that promote children's books. Check out your local library to see if they have any special event planned (e.g. storytelling sessions, displays etc). If you are a parent try to do something special to mark the fact that it is Book Week:

1. Read to your children and with them (if they are older) every day for at least 15 minutes (but make it fun not a task)
2. If your children are old enough to read themselves try reading a poem or a play together out loud (ask your librarian for advice on a good anthology or some simple children's plays)
3. Visit your school or public library with your children to view (hopefully) a display of some of the Children's Book Council award winners. Borrow some books and take them home.
4. Buy your children a book

Each year one of the major events in book week is the announcement of the Children's Book Council Awards (not announced until Friday). The shortlist from which the winners will be chosen can be found here. Each year the CBCA also publishes Notable Australian Children's Books, which is an annotated list of books selected from all the entries submitted for judging in the Awards each year. The aim is to give prominence to books (and authors) which deserve recognition according to the criteria set down for the Awards. There are over 100 books listed in 4 literature categories and an information book category. For example, below I have listed the 20 notable books in the Early Childhood book category. You'll notice that just 6 of these books are shortlisted (I've highlighted them) and yet there are many other great books. I'd encourage you to look beyond the shortlist to the Notable booklist where you'll find more books and authors to consider.

Allen, Pamela, Shhh! Little mouse
Bancroft, Bronwyn, An Australian 1,2,3 of animals
Blabey, Aaron, Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley
Burke, Tina, Sophie’s big bed
Cox, Tania, illustrated by Janine Dawson, Alberta
Dumbleton, Mike, illustrated by Craig Smith, Cat
Graham, Bob, The trouble with dogs!
Hill, Anthony, illustrated by Jane Tanner, Lucy’s cat and the rainbow birds
Horacek, Judy, The story of growl
Hurst, Elise, The night garden
Lester, Alison, Purr: Talk to the pet animals
Lester, Alison, Moo: Talk to the farm animals
Lester, Alison, Roar: Talk to the wild animals
Lionetto-Civa, Angie, illustrated by Christina Booth, In the deep blue sea
MacKintosh, David, Same as me
McKimmie, Chris, Maisie Moo and Invisible Lucy
Niland, Deborah, Annie to the rescue
Niland, Deborah, Let’s play!
Norling, Beth, Little brothers are…
Wild, Margaret, illustrated by Ann James, Lucy Goosey
Wild, Margaret, illustrated by Stephen Michael, King, Piglet and Papa
Wild, Margaret, illustrated by Kerry Argent, Ruby roars

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