Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet Catriona Hoy, George & Ghost!

Catriona Hoy will launch her latest picture book 'George and Ghost' on Thursday 10th March and I'm pleased to be included in her blog tour associated with the release.

Catriona will visit this blog on Wednesday the 9th March.

If you'd like to find out more about Catriona's wonderful new book, as well as her other books and her life as a writer (and teacher) then drop in on the 9th. I will ask her some questions about writing and the inspiration for her six books. She will also give some advice for budding writers will answer your questions if you post them on the blog. Here's a snippet:

"....George and Ghost is my newest baby. I'm so pleased overall with the visual aspects of Cassia's gorgeous illustrations and the overall quality of the finished product. To get the text to hang together was really tricky, as there were some really complex ideas going on there and I didn't want to give kids the wrong idea. George and Ghost is all about the scientific method, the nature of matter and energy, even a bit of philosophy..."

If you visit the official tour post you will also be able to pick up some curriculum ideas that Catriona has prepared in relation to the book and how they fit into the national curriculum in Australia and the United Kingdom.

George and Ghost are friends, but George isn’t sure he believes in Ghost anymore. How can Ghost prove to George that he is real?

This is a beautiful story of simple friendship, that 'asks' a number of questions of the reader. With a dash of science and a little philosophy, readers are challenged to ask what might be, not what can't be.

Hope you can drop in on Wednesday the 9th.

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