Monday, October 3, 2011

'Literacy, Families & Learning NEWS'

Readers of this blog might not know that I have an online newsletter of the same name that brings my various Twitter links to readers daily. You don't have to use Twitter to see and access some of the various tweets I send. You can monitor the tweets and the material they link to in two main ways:

1. Watch the Twitter Boxes - You can simply watch either the Twitter box on the sidebar of this blog or the 'Literacy, Families & Learning NEWS' box that displays the content summary.  The downside is that the tweets change daily (I tend to tweet once or twice per day in short bursts) so if you only visit once a week you will have missed lots of links.

2. Subscribe to the Online Newsletter - The second way is simply to subscribe to my daily newsletter that offers a spread of the links as stories in the form of an online newspaper, with sections like 'Top Stories', 'Kids Lit', 'Education', 'Technology', 'Parents', 'Leisure' etc. It also has direct feeds for video and photos. The newsletter includes most of my tweets plus some of those from people who follow me. It is generated automatically each day and can be accessed like any blog or website and read as a newsletter online. The screenshots above and below show just part of the newsletter for today. Each edition has varied sections that reflect tweets in the last 24 hours. It's easy to subscribe by email, or by using the display on the sidebar of this blog. You can also subscribe once you've reached the newsletter just like you do for any blog (HERE).

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