Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finding book treasure in unexpected places

My stash of treasure from ALDI

Regular readers of this blog will recall that last year at Easter time I came across some literature treasure in a middle aisle at my local ALDI store (I wrote about it here). Well, it's happened again this year! While I don't like promoting stores, brands or products, when good books are going cheap, my rules go out the window.

So, if you're an Australian reader you will find at least 10 popular Dr Seuss picture book titles on sale this week for just $3.99 each. If you have ALDI in your home country you might well find a similar deal.

What attracted me in particular is that the books are generally some of the easiest to read and yet they still manage to have the Dr Seuss magic, brilliant use of language and vibrant illustrations. I'm spending the week with all 6 of my grandchildren and I always like to have new material. They aren't all new titles, for I have worn out copies of most of these books at home which have been read since my daughters were little. I have two grandchildren who are in Kindergarten and are at that wonderful beginning stage of reading. They will read and re-read these all week, and go home even better readers. What will we do?
  • I'll read the the books to them dramatically - for a start, I just love 'I Wish That I Had Duck Feet' and who can't make 'There's a Wocket in my Pocket' fun?
  • We'll read them together (maybe taking turns on each page).
  • They will read them to me and other members of the family and we'll help to prompt them to use letter/sound clues, knowledge of language and grammar, and context to read for meaning
  • We'll have hilarious fun!
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Andrew said...

Thanks so much for the link. I love reading books to our 2.5 year old, but in particular Dr Seuss. My favourite is "Mr Brown can moo, can you".

Thanks for the post and the tip about going to Aldi this week.

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