Friday, July 26, 2013

'So Many Sounds' - Why do Kids Love Sounds?

Claire Chadwick has just publisher her first book titled 'So Many Sounds' (Rydell Books, 2013). Trevor Salter has been illustrated it. This post is part of a blog tour that features Claire and her book. From birth children are interested in sound. Indeed, there is evidence that suggests that they first listen to sound from the womb. Anyone who has children, or has spent time with children, will understand the power of sound to gain children's interest.

My 6th grandchild taught me not that long ago just how much I used sound to communicate with young children. One day while exploring the back yard together with my granddaughter Lydia - who at the time was just 15 month old - I suddenly realised that she was mimicking the sounds I made almost instinctively as we spent time together. As I lifted her up, tickled her belly, washed her hands, swung her around, or bounced her up and down, I would use a type of sound accompaniment to parallel our action. 'Squelch, shlopp, woosh...' as I washed her hands for lunch. 'Jkooo' as I tickled her belly. 'Whoosh' as I swung her through the air and 'Per-lop' as I placed her in the high chair. As we wandered around the yard, I noticed that Lydia was copying every one of my sounds. Her attention had not only been gained by my use of sounds, she had turned the 'game' back on me to get my attention.

In her first children's book Claire Chadwick has taken this natural love of sounds and tried to do what many other authors have tried to do before her. Authors like Dr Seuss, Roald Dahl and Pamela Allen have all made good use of sound, rhyme and the rhythm of language to good effect. Claire has used sound in association with a simple story structure to keep a basic narrative idea moving forward. Each day a little girl - the central character in this simple narrative - has a new experience associated with rich sounds, but always there is a promise that on Saturday something even more special will happen.

On Sunday we had a barbeque at 
Uncle Mike's house.
hissed the sausages
as they fried on the grill.
flapped the cotton tablecloth
as it fluttered in the air.
snored Granpa's nose
as he dozed under the gum tree.
Sunday was sensational.
So many sounds singing in my ears.
"Yes, but wait till you hear what happens
on Saturday," said Uncle Mike.

When Saturday comes the little girl is NOT disappointed. Congratulations to Claire on this first book that will delight children and 0-5 years. If you visit her website you will also find a number of free activities that relate to the book.

If you'd like a free electronic version of the book I have two copies to give away thanks to Claire.


Pelisa Ford said...

Hi Trevor, thanks for the review. Indeed I would like to try the electronic version but not sure what I need to do Thanks, Pelisa.

JoanneP said...

Who wouldn't like a copy of the book?Sounds great.

Emily said...

Another reader interested in the electronic book! What do we need to do? I didn't realise I wasn't the only 'crazy' one making matching sounds to activities with my kids... rather than "perrrrlop" in the highchair, my kids get a "kerr-lick!" before I click them in :)

Trevor Cairney said...

Thanks Pelisa, Joanne & Emily (plus Fiona who emailed). The book needs to be emailed to you so if you want it you'll need to send me your email address. Only two copies are available, so that leaves one for the first person to get an email address to me. Sorry this is complicated but that's how Claire does it. Trevor

Trevor Cairney said...

The free copies of Claire's book have now been allocated. Sorry to others who missed out.