Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Perfect Read Aloud Picture Book for Children Aged 3-7

In my latest review of 15 wonderful picture books, several are stories that are just perfect for reading aloud to children at bedtime or to a whole class.

'I Got a Chicken for My Birthday' is a perfect read aloud book. I love this slightly 'crazy' book that outlines the most outrageous gift scenario.

What a birthday girl wants more than anything from her Abuela are tickets to the amusement park. Instead she gets a chicken. But this chicken is no ordinary chicken; it has plans! With a lot of hard work, and help from lots of other animals, this chicken may just end up building the girl the best birthday gift ever!

Sarah Horne's wonderfully expressive and funny illustrations make Laura Gehl's clever story come alive and complements the carefully crafted and very funny text. Laura is of course, the author of many successful previous books. Together, they offer an hilarious romp through an unlikely birthday.

How many times must you tell your grandmother what you want?! It seems three isn't enough. Ana concludes, perhaps a chicken is better than socks, a sweater, or underwear. Now this chicken seems to have been born with an independent spirit that would challenge anyone. But it also has a 'list' and some demands. Don't miss this funny book. I can't wait till I can read it to children aged 3-8. It will also be read and re-read by young readers aged 5-8. And believe me, they will want to read their favourite bits to other children and you!

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