Friday, May 11, 2018

Education and Pedagogy for Life

I just wanted readers of this blog to be aware that my latest book has just been released internationally. This is a book that tackles the tricky question of what might an authentic faith-based school look like. While this is about education in Christian schools, readers of other faiths might find it of interest.

The book Pedagogy & Education for Life: A Christian Reframing of Teaching, Learning, and Formation' has been released in paperback, hardback and Kindle editions.

The blog that I've been writing - Education, Pedagogy and Formation - in association with the release of the book, might also be of interest to Christian teachers and educators who seek authentic models for Christian education.

Its chapters include:



1. Introduction: Is there such a Thing as Christian Pedagogy?
2. What is Christian Pedagogy?
3. Education as Formation in Communities
4. Standpoint, Pedagogy, and Formation
5. Pedagogy, Teaching, and the Kingdom
6. Meaning, Learning, and Formation


7. Classroom Life
8. Storytelling and Life
8. Imagination and Life
9. A Framework for Evaluating Classroom and School Life

It's available through Amazon and all major international online bookshops. There will also be copies available from major bookshops in Australia, USA and the UK. If you would like review copies for journals and other education publications please visit the publisher's site and provide your details. ISBN numbers for each format can be found on the Amazon sites as well as others. The paperback ISBN is 1498283616 HERE.

The book is available from Amazon in paperback ($US25 and $AUD34.27), hardcover ($US45) and Kindle edition ($US9.04 & $AUD11.99).