Tuesday, August 10, 2021

A Recent Change of Importance to Followers

Followers of this blog have always had the option of being notified by email each time I post something new. This function was delivered by email from the blog through a service called 'Feedburner'. You accessed this simply by adding your email to the 'Feedburner' widget on the side bar of my site. 

Google has decided to end this service in about a week. So in order to ensure my followers remain subscribed, I have added a free equivalent service and transferred all email notifications to this new trusted service. This means you will continue to receive email notifications when I upload a new post. This service is called 'follow.it' and is free. 

This change will ensure you receive an email notification each time I post something. If you don't currently receive a notification each time I post, you might like to subscribe as well, by using the link on the sidebar of my blog.

Thanks so much for following my blog

Trevor Cairney




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