Monday, May 15, 2023

Five Stunning Picture Books for 2-6 Year Olds

I've just received a batch of 5 stunning picture books that you won't be able to read just once to toddlers, and which readers 5-8 will read again and again.

1. 'Colour Makes the World Go Round' Written & Illustrated by Christopher Nielsen

"Imagine a RAINBOW without colour, or FLAMINGOS, or RED SHOES, what about a ZEBRA? Oh …
Christopher Nielsen invites the reader to imagine a world with colour ... and without. Cleverly juxtaposing illustrations, he shows how colour, in all its variety, is what creates our wonderful world. Deceptively simple, this is a book that can spark discussion about difference and the depth that it creates"

Christopher Nielsen is an Australian author/illustrator. As well as this incredible book, he does many things including, work for Disney/Pixar and Templay/Big Picture Press. His aim as an illustrator is to bring "joy and wonder to children through his art and storytelling". And this is certainly on display in this wonderful children's book. When he’s not busy with a book he can be found raising his beautiful young family or playing with his band The Ramalamas. Yes, this much talent could make us all envious, just enjoy his work and share this book with children.

2. 'Cat's Very Good Day' Written by Kristen Tracy & illustrated by David Small

This is a very funny picture book about a mischievous cat and he spends the day. Kristen Tracey is from an award-winning poet, and illustrator David Small is a Caldecott Medallist.

It's a busy day for Cat, who is living his best life and managing to cause plenty of trouble along the way! After all, he's a mirror attacker and a morning-tea whacker. A potted-plant disaster and an acrobat master. A vacuum avoider and a sofa destroyer.
But when thunder and lightning strike he is a VERY different cat. A curled-up scaredy-cat. But when the storm is done he's an "all-night snuggler". 
Kristen Tracy's ingenious verse and David Small's masterfully expressive and uproariously funny artwork capture all the charm and personality of these irresistible fur babies—hairballs and all. Here's the perfect gift for feline lovers of all ages! This book with minimal text will be 'read' by children aged 2-6. And what a great bedtime story.
3. 'The Kindest Red' by S.K.Ali & illustrated by Hatem Aly
This is the second book in a series that celebrates the love of family and faith. It tells the story of siblings in a Muslim family and celebrates family, kindness and shared beliefs.

It is the sequel to 'The Proudest Blue' a New York Times Bestseller which explores sisterhood, and kindness, from Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad. Faizah longs for a world where kindness is passed from one person to another.

When Faizah's teacher asks her class to imagine what kind of world they want to live in Faizah imagines a world where everyone is kind to one another, and tries to create that world in the school playground. But what Faizah wants most is be like her big sister, Asiya. Will Faizah's classmates repay her kindness and find a way for her to match Asiya in time for school photo day?
An important and uplifting story about celebrating each other's differences and similarities.
The rainbow fish with its iridescent scales might be the most beautiful fish in the ocean, but he is also very proud and vain. But he doesn't have any friends and is very lonely.
One day he meets Humbert who is - well - different! He makes up lots of tall tales. For example, that there's a plug at the bottom of the ocean, and a blue whale will eat all of their food. Might this impossible pairing lead to a strong friendship? 
Well not at first. Humbert begins to be isolated as the other fish stay away from this tall story teller. One day Red Fin and Rainbow Fish feel sorry for him. Might there be something they could do for him? 
Children will be able to relate to this story. A wonderful read-aloud book for children aged 3-6 years.
This stunningly beautiful book has already won a number of Awards. Read on!
5. 'Ella and the Useless Day' by Meg McKinlay & illustrated by Karen Blair

This is a delightful children's book that demonstrates how often one person's trash is another person's treasure. Any of us who have had a garage sale will know how things we no longer value can be loved by others.

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