Friday, September 8, 2023

Two Fabulous Books for Younger Readers

 1. 'Ruby and The Pen' By David Lawrence

David Lawrence was a financial analyst, but turned his hand and considerable talent to writing books for children. He has written 13 children's books and 'Ruby and The Pen' is his most recent release. This is a wonderful book for readers aged 10-12 years. The quirky story is so well supported by Cherie Digman's wonderful cartoon style drawings.

Ruby is sent off to boarding school for the first time after the death of her much loved father and the arrival of her mother's fourth boyfriend who is determined to move Ruby to a boarding school to get her out of the way. Ruby is a marvellous character who is picked on from day one at the exclusive school for the children of the rich and famous.

But her life changes after she buys an old pen at a market stall and is to find that it has some unusual and remarkable powers. Her battles with the many students who constantly pick on her, moves from being painful for her to comical as the story progresses.

Any 12-year-old who picks up this delightful book will find it hard to put down. While girls will be the first to pick up the book, boys who have experienced the challenges of school life if non-conformist, will also enjoy the twists and turns in this entertaining illustrated novel. At 272 pages it might seem long, but the brilliant cartoon illustrations from Cherie Dignam, that make up about 40% of the book help to keep the reader turning the pages.

It's wonderful to see a smaller company like Exisle Publishing continuing to publish such marvellous books for children.

2. 'Meet Mim' by Sandra Severgnini


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