Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Six New Picture Books that are 'Must Reads'!

1. 'Mama's Love Language: Sometimes Love Tastes Like Hainan Chicken Rice'  by Written by Elisa Stad and Illustrated by Ry Menson (Illustrator)

Jade is a girl who lives in two worlds. When one's parents have different cultural heritages, sometimes children can wonder where they fit. In this very sensitive and tenderly written book, Elisa Stad explores something which increasing numbers of families and teachers see each day. Jade is on a quest to understand her identity and where she truly belongs. She feels different from the other kids at school. 
Back home, her Dad has an English speaking heritage, whereas her Mother has a Vietnamese heritage. Her parents also have quite different ways to express their love and care for her. Sometimes Jade is embarrassed by her Mama’s accent. She can’t understand why she is not just like the mothers of other children at school.

When Jade begins to rebel against her mother's traditional ways of showing love, great wisdom is required from her father, to help her understand that both love her deeply but show it in different ways. Mama doesn’t hug or say I love you, but the "healing aroma of ginger, green onions, and chicken broth does".

This is a is a special book that addresses a universal theme of belonging and the beauty of cultural diversity. Through it our children and students will learn "...that being different is not only okay but something to be celebrated, and that love can come in many shapes and forms."

A very special book that should be in every school library. It is ideal for children aged of 4-9 years.

2. 'The Secret Lives of Dragons: Expert Guides to Mythical Creatures' by Prof Zoya Agnis and Alexander Utkin

This wonderful fantasy picture book was first published in 2021. This is a stunning new illustrated edition(2023) is wonderful. It is a beautiful children's guide to the 'facts' and philosophy of dragons; from treasure hoards to breathing fire.

Hidden deep in the mountains, a kingdom of dragons once thrived. Dragon song echoed across the peaks, and priceless treasures were guarded in lairs. But what happened to this kingdom? 
Dragon sightings are incredibly rare now, so how can we spot one of these elusive creatures? And if we were to meet one, how would we talk to them and approach them safely? Luckily for you, the answers are recorded in this book by the famous 'Drackenosopher', Professor Zoya Agnis. It is beautifully illustrated by Alexander Utkin.
The book will help you to learn everything you need to know about dragons; from breathing fire and taking flight, to the brutal slayers that preyed upon them. This beautifully illustrated manual will guide you on your path to becoming an expert in the prestigious world of dragon studies.

3. 'An Amazing Australian Camping Trip' by Jackie Hosking & illustrated by Lesley Vamos

This picture book has three parallel and related texts going on for the reader to choose. You can read simply the narrative, or also find out about about Aussie language. What's a 'Mozzie', what is 'venom'? How do you "Boil a Billy"? What is a Wombat like? Is their poo really shaped like a cube? Ouch!

4. 'Friendly Bee and Friends' written and illustrated by Sean A. Avery

5. 'Friendly Bee and Friends - Woe is For Worm!' written and illustrated by Sean E. Avery

This follow on edition is available online, and also in paperback from Walker Books. It is worth chasing up!

Stunningly illustrated and well told!

6. 'Factopia! Follow the Trail of 400 Facts', by Paige Towler & illustrated by Andy Smith

This must be the funniest 'encyclopaedia' of all time. What's more, all the facts are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica. True! The reader will be drawn into the book as every fact is connected to the next, and these are the type of quirky facts that all children love.

Did you know that a squid has a brain shaped like a doughnut? Or that some butterflies drink turtle tears? Hop from topic to topic in unexpected and delightful ways, and discover what connects a giraffe with the Eiffel tower, or a slice of pizza with Cleopatra. On your awe-inspiring journey, you will find out extraordinary facts about space, bones, dinosaurs, spiders, sharks, robots, ancient Rome, and more.

This is a book that children will love to read, and will want to share with others! It will be hard to read this book alone.



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